Board of Directors

Local Leadership


Couleecap is governed by a 24-member Board of Directors comprised of eight members elected by low income people, eight County Board Supervisors, and eight members representing private groups and organizations.


Couleecap's Current Board of Directors

Ellen Barum, La Crosse County                                         Monica Kruse, La Crosse County

Rick Blasing, Monroe County                                            Celesta Leis, Secretary, Monroe County

Bob Brague, La Crosse County                                          Sonya Lenzendorf, Crawford County

Theresa Burns-Gilbert, Monroe County                          Karen Long, Vernon County

Maureen Freedland, La Crosse County                           Gail Muller, Vernon County

Mari Freiberg, Monroe County                                         Bill Rudy, Vice Chair, La Crosse County

Beth Hartung, La Crosse County                                      Roger Slama, Crawford County

Terry Hicks, La Crosse County                                         Gary Thompson, Vernon County

Karen Joos, Monroe County                                              Katie Westerman, Monroe County

Larry Kelley,  Crawford County                                        

George Kruck, Vernon County                                      




"My involvement with Couleecap is important to me and gives me the opportunity to give back to my community. It really does take a village."

-Couleecap Board member