Passionate People, Meaningful Work

Envision yourself engaged in meaningful work in a collaborative environment with open communication and mutual respect. At Couleecap your ideas are valued and appreciated. Imagine yourself working to your full potential, making a positive contribution to low-income families in our area.



We welcome differences in race, gender, age, religion, perspective and experience. Diversity enhances our organization and brings fresh ideas and perspectives to our agency. Couleecap is interested in employing a diverse workforce. We are committed to hiring professionals from a wide range of backgrounds. To accomplish this, job openings are sent to around 40 other local sites to reach a diverse population

Great Benefits for You and Your Family.


The well-being of our employees is important to us which is why we offer flexible benefits packages to meet employee's needs. At Couleecap, we believe in investing in our employees, and our benefits and compensation packages reflect that commitment. Couleecap knows what employees are looking for - a stimulating career paired with a supportive and comprehensive compensation package. We offer competitive compensation, a great benefits package, growth opportunities, a variety of flexible working arrangements, and incentives for maintaining balance between work and your personal life.


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A Solid History with a Growing Future


Couleecap, Inc. strives to be an employer of choice in the 7 Rivers Region. We are seeking career professionals committed to making a difference in their communities and who want careers that engage them in meaningful work. Working with Couleecap - an organization with a solid history and a growing future - means working to your full potential in a dynamic and diverse environment.

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What I Enjoy Most About My Position at Couleecap...

Kim, providing excellent service since 2005
I enjoy the work we do, how we can help change the lives of others.  I believe the work we do has huge impacts on the people we serve.


Jake, providing excellent service since 2009

I love witnessing the amazing savings we are giving to our clients and the environment through weatherization. Where else can a trained carpenter touch so many lives and homes with a social impact as well.


Natalie, providing excellent service since 2011
I enjoy the people in the community I get to work with and knowing I am helping to create changes in people’s behaviors and attitudes about drugs.


Shelly, providing excellent service since 1994
Top three reasons:  1.  I truly believe in the mission of Couleecap.  2.  I value being part of a team that makes a difference in the lives of people in our area.  3.  I want to work at a place that is family-friendly and cares about its employees.



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