Tom Mayne, Energy Services Manager



I came to Couleecap with over twenty years of experience with a company that manufactured panelized homes in the Madison area. When the Madison housing industry was hit by the economic downturn in 2008. The company I worked for went from building 500 homes a year to filing for bankruptcy in a matter of two years. When I lost my job there were no jobs anywhere in the construction industry.


My job search led me to Couleecap where I was hired as the Field Supervisor in Couleecap's Weatherization Program. This program helps low-income people increase the energy efficiency of their homes and lower heating bills through the weatherization process.

I admit that my new job was a culture shock. I used to worry about whether the homeowners would like the granite countertops I had picked out. I was in a high end industry. To see how some people live and how they don't have the means to make necessary home repairs was really eye opening.

I enjoy my work, and I know that it is making a difference. This program leaves families with warmer homes and lower energy bills. Typically energy savings average 35% of consumption for the typical home pre-weatherization consumption. All those years I was driving right by those houses, when I could have been using my skills to help. Now that is what I do everyday at Couleecap, help make a difference for people in need.


Tom began his employment with Couleecap in 2007. Previously he worked as Field Construction & Safety Supervisor.














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