Success Stories


We are happy to share our success stories with you. Each one is proof that Couleecap helps changes lives and our community every day.

Job loss and illness leads Mabel to Couleecap

After working the same factory job for twenty-two years, a downturn in the economy led to the shop closing its doors leaving Mabel jobless. Weeks before her unemployment benefits were set to expire, Mabel was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. As the bills piled high along with eviction and disconnection notices, Mabel turned to Couleecap for some temporary help. She was able to file for social security lessening the stress as she began chemotherapy treatment. After the first social security check arrived, she was able to maintain rent and utilities on her own.

Newly divorced mother needed a little assistance

The process of divorce is never easy, especially when children are involved. Carrie was a newly divorced mother of two with an ex-husband in jail on domestic abuse charges. Carrie was without the child support needed to maintain her family budget. Low pay and not enough hours at her job led to Carrie falling behind on rent and bills. When Carrie received eviction and disconnection notices on the same day, she turned to Couleecap for help. Couleecap staff were able to offer assistance. Carrie was given the tools of effective budget counseling, applied for energy assistance as well as food stamps, and is now back on her feet.

Helping to Provide an Emergency Safety Net


Brian is a young man who makes minimum wage busing tables for a supper club. He is very dedicated to his employer as this is the only job he has ever had. Brian received a huge water bill that was caused by a water leak under his house. He could not afford this unexpected bill and it is in his lease that he is responsible for all utilities - so he was facing an eviction if he did not pay this bill. The landlord fixed the pipes and with Couleecap's help Brian was able to pay the bill Couleecap staff also worked with Brian on budgeting and worked on a plan that included putting money away for emergencies.

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"Always remember you have within you the strength, patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."
-Harriet Tubman